If you wish to submit a request for quote please email us at quotes.wichita@valencesurfacetech.com.

The following is a list of the required items that CPI will need to be able to process your order:

  1. CPI is certified for the process/processes required

  2. Quantity of parts

  3. Material type and condition

  4. PO/RFQ number (if applicable)

  5. Drawing and part list revisions

  6. End user as applicable (example: Cessna, Boeing, Airbus)

  7. Specifications/revisions

  8. Acceptance specification (normally MPI/FPI)

  9. Classifications, Grades, Finish codes

  10. Pre and post cleaning requirements

  11. Pre and post thermal treatments

  12. Type of process

  13. Process requirements (to include Type, Class, Method, Grade)

  14. Rework, stripping requirements, non-conformances if applicable
    ***Customer MUST notify CPI with the number of times a part has been reworked***

  15. Masking and racking requirements (if applicable)

  16. Critical dimensions, thickness

  17. Print and/or visual aid available

  18. Customer supplied tools

  19. Special inspection requirements

  20. Special testing requirements

  21. Packaging requirements

  22. Delivery/Shipping requirements

    Attach all required documentation needed to process order, i.e. visual aides, customer supplied blue prints, process notes, and rejection reports.

If you have further questions please contact Marquita Jacka at marquita.jacka@valencesurfacetech.com

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